Re: Vadeli besmirching

From: hcarteau_at_7g735_aly_PVxPwArlBkZa2zX_DJMmym-Gi8zPs_0BMm8CPLs7_E4HXxVZUy0CYbU8u
Date: Mon, 12 Mar 2012 22:56:22 +0100 (CET)

I have come to regard the Talar caste as the caste of administrators rather than rulers - there is only one ruler in Brithos, and that's Zzabur.
/// Talari are Talkers among the brithini : they arbitrate between castes, decide how to use any surplus and "care about the material well-being of the People". To do all these interesting things, they pay the horrible price of having to deal with kraljki and animals (i.e. mortal humans). They do not rule as much as arbitrate.

Continental Malkioni have made their head Talars (aka kings) their rulers and guides also in spiritual matters,
/// You dirty heretic. Rokari talari are managers of material affairs. Zzaburi guide us in all spiritual matters, as befits Knowers of the Law.

...possibly taking over pagan notions of nobility by divine descent (or at least more divine descent than the rank and file peasants and soldiers have).
/// None of us has "divine" origins, you vile spreader of lies. God had us born in a Caste and we must fulfill duties of our Caste. In that talari are no different from any others.

Of the devil-worshipping scum that are the accursed vadeli we will not speak.            

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