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Date: Mon, 12 Mar 2012 23:25:47 +0000

On 12/03/12 13:33, Richard Hayes wrote:

Incidentally I have some qualms about the equation of enlightenment and mystic experience. Whilst I love Glorantha and think Greg has created something wonderful, some of his writing on mysticism IMHO misses the point.

Mysticism is a retreat from the world to seek union with the cosmic.

This is not the same as enlightenment at all, albeit mysticism may be involved on the path. The enlightened transcend the worldly/unworldly dichotomy as they transcend all duality. The enlightened engage in the world, not hide from it, whilst not being contaminated by it.

I've never been convinced by "Sheng Seleris was a failed mystic" - I think he just left mysticism far behind. Whether he was fully enlightened is a different matter - and one that almost certainly could only be judged by the enlightened...

Mysticism is a question not an answer.

Enlightenment is an answer (though not necessarily to mysticism's question).            

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