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Date: Tue, 13 Mar 2012 17:54:03 +0000 (GMT)

Nowadays how does one describe Nysalorean Illumination in 1-2 Runes? Cults of Terror gave Nysalor/Gbaji three runes (Light, Mastery and Chaos, probably meaning something like Mastery of Chaos through Light?), but that was when cults could be described in longer 'runic phrases' (and there was no relation between the number of runes use to describe a cult and the power of the god behind it). 

Viewed from the outside Nysalorean Illumination is not about Chaos per se (though it has sometimes been misdescribed as such-- for example a long White Dwarf scenario about a human shaman called Muriah who led a gang of Broo in the Wastes east of Prax (reprinted in Shadows on the Borderlands?) described an  Illuminate as someone who believed in making limited use of Chaos in order to make oneself stronger). To me, it is more like a notion of Balance which includes a balance between Chaos and Law (and/or which sees Chaos as part of the Cosmos even though it is anti-Cosmos).

Though a subjective Gloranthan view is likely to be very different. To most Gloranthans who are not Chaotic the idea of anything which contemplates tolerating Chaos at any level is a form of alignment with Chaos (as well as utterly deluded and bound to end in tears).

Outside certain times and places in Peloria, Gloranthans who support a notion of Balance are usually an embattled minority. Though the Lunar faith and Empire gives them a good shout  for a while in the Third Age.

What do Chaotics make of Illumination? My guess is that some might see it as a means of curbing their Chaotic tendencies, and others might see it as a way to conceal their Chaotic tendencies -- but the metaphorical Broo in the street probably isn't sufficiently philosophically inclined to worry about it.

Richard Hayes

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I'm really a Gloranthan novice, so pardon my comments if they don't contribute to the discussion.

And I am spinning off of Simon Hibb's recent post.

Doesn't it seem that we risk trying to define Chaos through the medium of Illumination? And that Chaos stubbornly resists that? Like a virus, it infects anywhere it can get a foothold, be that Light, Darkness, or even Troll.

We can argue that the Underworld is a place of stasis, but does Chaos actually care? I realize "caring" is an odd word to use in this context.. but just to define the Underworld and apply properties to it is to lend structure or order to it. Chaos has no regard any division, definition, or structure.

We tend to fall back into this line of thinking almost automatically. Kenrae points out that Chaos predated the Underworld. But really..? So what if it didn't? Does Chaos obey linear time except when forced?

Does Chaos follow any rules or conventional thinking- except when it is forced to do so?

Perhaps trolls can be illuminated regardless of whether it is possible or not, because Chaos does not respect our delicate sensibilities concerning what should and should not be possible. I don't mean that to be a cop-out or easy answer, but rather a comment on the insidiousness of Chaos.

In that case, the better question might be how EASY it for trolls to become illuminated? Because that is a measure of well trolls can maintain their sense of order in the universe. If we can't accurately measure the Power of Chaos, perhaps we can measure the powers/forces/beings that resist it.

Just my rambling thoughts......


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