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Date: Tue, 13 Mar 2012 18:20:32 +0000 (GMT)

I vaguely remember old RQ II sources (Kyger Litor in Cults of Prax?) suggesting that two-thirds of Trolls were Trollkin/Enlo, 30% of Trolls were Dark Trolls (Uzko?) and 3% were "Others" (mostly Great Trolls (Uzdo?)) Is this still about right?

If so, I would imagine that this is the ratio at age 5 or older. The ratio of Trollkin: other Trolls at birth is probably higher, but Trollkin mortality rates are higher because they are looked after less well and/or treated as disposable. Some are even used for food.

Also presumably the curve is thrown a bit by youngish male Dark Trolls having a high mortality rate because they are given dangerous martial things that Trollkin cannot be trusted to do/trusted with the weapons to do.

Then there are the ones who join Zorak Zoran ...

Richard Hayes

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On 12/03/12 19:43, boztakang wrote:
>I still think the main reason is simply that infant uz are very, very hungry creatures, and can easily consume 3x (or more) the milk that a human infant would require.

I agree hunger is a defining characteristic of the Uz. However I'd think it would lead to large, productive breasts (as is often portrayed) not multiple ones - that still implies multiple sucklers to me...

One of my players (herself a mother of two so she may know a thing or two) however proposed an alternative: are trolls born with teeth? If they are multiple breasts might be an advantage rather than getting a single pair too chewed!

> I don't agree that a mother, however busy and important, would voluntarily miss out on directly feeding her own children for any reason.

Agreed - but mid afternoon? No - delegate if you can...

> Even though they are stunted, weak, and pathetic, Enlo still have some of the digestive prowess of their superior relatives.

I actually wonder sometimes if the enlo aren't actually better survivors than their larger kin - there do seem to be a hell (intended) of a lot of them considering how pathetic they seem to be!

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