RE: God of Lunar Feminism?

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What about the Great Sister at Graclodont? She might make an excellent choice for a political feminist? But I suspect all Lunars are feminist though of course goddess worshippers CAN be patriarchal and have an idealized divine feminine but little regard for mortal women... at least in our world. In Glorantha I don't know!

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There are a plethora of powerful goddesses in the Lunar Pantheon. Pick up a

copy of ILH2.

Off the top of my head, I would say:


and building roads

Become Sevened, and join them all!


aum shanti shanti shantih.

"The world is like the impression left by the telling of a story." - from

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> If you had a Lunar character who had overtly "feminist" views, ie that

> women have a bad deal vis-a-vis men and there needs to be a movement to

> change that, is there a particular cult they would join?




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