Re: God of Lunar Feminism?

From: jorganos <joe_at_DY8ZUAoPSi5S66_spyQhBP1HaPni3uoxuMCKryMw1zFBLIMNxuT3dCF3g-obrVJ7wNnLqZq7>
Date: Wed, 14 Mar 2012 12:21:40 -0000

Gerra, Lesilla, Dendara, Entekos...

or if you're hot on revenge, there's always Gorgorma.

I wonder what Lunar Feminism would be about. Lunar Emancipation is about equality of all Lunars, and equal access to Lunarisation. There is no gender issue.

Outside of Lunar circles, every man or woman has to deal with the society of the surrounding culture. Tough on independent-minded folk in Dara Happa (male or female), somewhat less so on the lower tiers of society. Evenhanded treatment for slaves. Fairly relaxed gender issues among the Lodrili, explicit gender role bias in Darsen (now there's a place that could use some feminism), etc. etc.

If you aren't happy to serve in a layered society, Dara Happa sucks. If you are high level Dara Happans, gender bias against females sucks, too. On lower levels, a female still has to show more respect to males of the same tier than vice versa, but the vertical role models provide as many issues for personal freedom - and those issues are addressed by any form of Lunar membership.

Anti-Patriarchalism (sp?) is a dangerous issue, because it challenges the vertical structure of Dara Happan (and to quite some extent, the rest of Pelorian) society at least as much as the horizontal (gender) structure. The Lunar Way doesn't challenge this, but wisely offers an opportunity to sidestep it, joining a parallel society. Unfortunately, even a Lunar has to function in the host society as well and subject herself to some of the unniceties of that society. But I don't think that the Empire has (many) Lunar cults actively undermining the majority society. There are the White Moonies, of course, a collective for all kinds of radical, anti-establishment ideas.            

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