Horses for Courses

From: Iskallor <neilhemp_at_ucnMxsts8UyrE9Up_FLJ4RErlVPNSJIZRA_cM9Cw5gaGILhmyzunqBOlDOQi0ncIsM4>
Date: Thu, 15 Mar 2012 11:18:53 -0000

Do horses have their own rune?

I'm interested in Ulanin at the moment ( a possible HQII character) and was wondering if an Orlanthi could have a Horse related rune without being connected to Elmal and the Fire rune?

What would a typical Ulanin's runes be?

If I remember correctly Ulanin had a vaguely Horse shaped rune....

Any views, ideas etc on this Hero cult would be much appreciated.            

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