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On 15 Mar 2012, at 11:18, Iskallor wrote:

> Do horses have their own rune?

There is a horse rune, you can see it on p111 of Sartar with Redalda. I'd say it was one of the those weird sub-runes, being a sub-rune of beast or fire. As a sub-rune of beast you can probably turn into a horse, Sartar says "when a non-beast has this rune, it means that they can potentially take the form of a beast."

Ulanin's slim details are on p184 of The Book of Heortling Mythology, as part of Appendix C: Orlanthi Heroes and Hero Cults. He's a hero, so only got one rune, and the horse rune would fit.

Have a look on the wiki: and Busarian:

As he built the the Red Cow Fort, there's maybe on on him in The Coming Storm, Ian?

So an Orlanthi could easily have (any of Orlanth's runes) and horse.
> I'm interested in Ulanin at the moment ( a possible HQII character) and was wondering if an Orlanthi could have a Horse related rune without being connected to Elmal and the Fire rune?
> What would a typical Ulanin's runes be?
> If I remember correctly Ulanin had a vaguely Horse shaped rune....
> Any views, ideas etc on this Hero cult would be much appreciated.


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