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Date: Thu, 15 Mar 2012 13:44:32 -0000

> The uz underworld isn't Death to me, it's their paradise in Darkness. Only humans equate darkness with death. Uz are very alive in Wonderhome !
> Also, I don't see why dead beings couldn't experience Illumination / Enlightenement / Nirvana / Ataraxia / Dissolution / Union with the Cosmos / Whatever you want to call it. Dying is a step that does change one's outlook. PC types have interesting deaths and don't go directly to their cultural underworld ! As we all know, dying is painful and terrifying, but Death is a Beginning...

It is confusing. If the underworld has no connection to the transcendent, how come Teelo Estara could meet Rashorana there and become illuminated?

I agree there are dark places in the depths that aren't part of the lands of the dead. We have these terms - the underworld, hell, the various lands of the dead, wonderhome, but it's not clear to what extent they are the same or different. We could do with a sourcebook just about that.

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