Re: illumination for the dead

From: Charles <charles_at_4zVX7m6L1s4b-zVRo0PC1yvLDZ__I3RqUcF4EZx3iyMPXwlxyDh5Bf9rb4dIvfTfgaoF>
Date: Thu, 15 Mar 2012 14:51:15 -0000

This has been discussed a few times where Greg chimed in. The Underworld is the source of most scary and beautiful things in Glorantha, including Chaos, Darkness, Disorder, Fertility, Lust, and Death. The Underworld does carry connotations of Darkness because, during the Greater Darkness everything went to the Underworld. But not everywhere in the Underworld is associated with Darkness. And not everywhere in the Underworld is the land of the Dead, or is a Hell or any other bad thing that you can think of.

If I remember correctly, the Underworld is not the source of Stasis or, more likely, is not the current source of Stasis. The world of Glorantha is based on the waves of creation and destruction issuing from the Chaosium in the deepest, darkest pit of the deepest, darkest hell of the the Underworld interacting with the stultification and fossilisation of Stasis, which has its locus at the Zenith (I think, but why else would the Mostali want to station a Lead Zeppelin there?). None but the maddest Gloranthans believe or understand this necessity for the continued presence of Chaos to preserve the fundamental nature of Glorantha!


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