Re: Orlanth and Shargash

From: Charles <charles_at_sGwnQibF5_Uk__CMXJ_HEHxhAa5ELtt0Bl84cwCaMR-3rSQaYU-4vsbHC4akPpcVGRfP>
Date: Fri, 16 Mar 2012 13:39:16 -0000


My take on this is that there are both more and fewer gods at the same time. There are more personalities that possess divine attributes that are not recognised as separate divine individuals - maybe each of Orlanths names really are/were separate, maybe they were heroes that managed to become recognised as Orlanth, maybe there even more that are there but not remembered at all. However, each of these personalities fronts one or more underlying powers (let's call them runes). And these rune powers may have personalities that are more fundamental but less obvious..

With this model of the gods of Glorantha, Shargash and Orlanth can largely match and so be said to really be one while not being identical.


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