Re: Orlanth and Shargash

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Date: Fri, 16 Mar 2012 19:33:43 +0100 (CET)

> /// No doubt the pagan freesha knows the subject he mentions first->hand, and has experienced such a depraved state many times. Drunkeness >is error. Too much of anything is error. The work of winemakers brings >pleasure in its imbiber, alas in REASONABLE quantities.
> Reason is all.
> Walk in Joy.
> Alcuin Hirdgrard of North Point, underscribe at His Glorious Majesty Gundrekken's Librabry

The sheep bleats its case. Life is to be grabbed with both hands my friend. There's nothing worth doing that isn't worth over doing. How will you ever know what living is if you're too timid to leave your shepherd's shadow? Of course there are rules for man and god alike but those rules aren't meant to be shackles and chains! Live a little, get drunk, start a fight, sleep with a woman, and for sweet inspiration's sake read a text your church doesn't approve of!

Freesha Red-beard, Sage of Lhankhor Mhy.

/// Why is it that pagans always think that following the Laws is a dull, boring affaire ? The Law is what makes a man whole. Malkion walked among us and understood the pleasures of the flesh, as of the spirit. We do enjoy fine wines and food, the charms of women (if they are not married to another of course) and the treasured words in our books. Our days are filled with the thrills of life. But we do not seek sensations for their sake, as barbarians do. We find no pleasure, no Logic in spreading our seed among as many loose women as we can, or waking up in our own vomit, or looking for forbidden knowledge for thrills. Truly 'tis the measure of Man : follow the Laws of the Universe and your life will be filled with wonders. Be the Best Man you can be, go beyond our limits. And WALK IN JOY. This is the greatest pleasure, rapture, exctasy a Man can fill. No pagan could understand that. Hrestol blesses us ; Siglat watches over us.            

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