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> Thanks for the thoughts! Just one question.....

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>> Other than that, there's a reason why that land is called the Wastes. You may always find a significant exception, if it suits your game.

> I thought that the wastes was the eastern extension of prax, rather than the pentan lands? Or are these both the wastes?

Chapter 13 of the Introduction to Glorantha deals with Prax, the southern Wastes and Pent under the heading Wastelands.

Pent is the part of the wasted former Genert's Garden which sees some snow in the winter and after that fairly fertile grasslands (when compared to Prax or the southern Wastes). Long hot summers, Storm Bull Winds etc. make this a large equivalent of the winter fertile ground that makes up about one third of the Praxian chaparral. When that "False Plenty" is gone, the region becomes fairly desolate.

I'm wondering myself why the Beast Riders are no match for the Horse Riders in these lands. I suppose one reason may be the lack of Oases to fall back to, and to support greater aggregations of nomads.            

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