On the summoning of demons and monsters...

From: In_a_flat_field <beautychokes_at_8nyhkkDhnBF8qWRhpBbW3kNhO2p7M_61FBKn6ycBYcuKfMPR4ZskvmN2a9zoiv4>
Date: Mon, 19 Mar 2012 21:12:10 -0000

Hi everyone, I've a little question (as usual, I'm aware of the YGWV caveat). Could anyone tell me how long it takes to summon a demon, spirit or monster, particularly in regards to divine magic? Does it require a ritual, or does it function similarly to something like in a video game such as Skyrim or Final Fantasy? Divergent views are welcome; I'd just like to see which way the wind blows as regards this topic. Thanks all.            

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