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Date: Mon, 19 Mar 2012 21:35:08 -0000

> Hi everyone, I've a little question (as usual, I'm aware of the YGWV caveat). Could anyone
> tell me how long it takes to summon a demon, spirit or monster, particularly in regards to
> divine magic? Does it require a ritual, or does it function similarly to something like in a video
> game such as Skyrim or Final Fantasy? Divergent views are welcome; I'd just like to see
> which way the wind blows as regards this topic. Thanks all.

However long suits the story you are telling.

A slightly more helpful answer would be that it depends on exactly what is being summoned and who is doing it. A powerful sorcerer might summon a minor demon in seconds while his apprentice could just about do it in an hour's ritual after a day's preparation. For really powerful entities you could have a team of magicians working together for seasons or even years to summon and control them. The two year seige of Whitewall may well be an attempt by the Lunars to summon and bind Orlanth.

Donald Oddy


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