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> Thankyou for taking the time to answer...and some pretty interesting points made. I've been erring
> towards story and convenience solutions, though I did wonder if there was any more concrete
> answer. What you mention regarding sorcerers I think, is spot on. However, divine magic seems
> to be a lot more personal...more intuitive. Would a ritualistic approach make as much sense? I'm
> really not entirely sure. The connection to the god/rune might indicate what beings one is permitted
> to call upon, but I'm tending towards a near instantaneous response, regardless of power level.
> The Whitewall idea is lovely, by the way.
> Either way, thanks again. :)

There are references to rituals among the Heortlings, some of which take considerable time. The Sacred Time ceremonies for example.

I think you're right to the extent that a powerful individual can call on the power of their god(dess) instantly. However the majority, even of Heortlings, do not have that close a relationship with their god(dess) so need rituals to get them thinking the way the god(dess) does. Furthermore for really powerful magic in Glorantha you need the support of your community and a ritual gets everyone acting together.

Having said that I think the appearance of divine rituals will be very different from sorcerous ones and spiritualist rituals different again.

Donald Oddy


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