Re: The City of Wonders: an Investigation (Part 2)

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Date: Tue, 20 Mar 2012 19:17:52 -0000

Stu quacked:

> Joerg:

>> Sartar was a hero for Issaries. I think he would have had a keen 
>> understanding on the requirements of trade, so if he builds a dead 
>> end highway towards the upper navigable point of the River, I 
>> expect him to situate the city in a way that it could contribute 
>> to the trade.

> This touches upon a sauce of mild (okay, considerable) annoyance to myself. The pre-Sartar: Kingdom of Heroes abnegation of Duck Point as a wereduck settlement (i.e. this isn't aimed at Joerg, though I'm aware it might read that way - sorry!).

I think that while Sartar was aware of the necessities for trading, he did not take into account the durulz standards of housing. A good durulz home will have a floor exit into the body of water, in addition to any exits humans would have. I don't think that Duck Point has taken enough elements of Seapolis to make the durulz comfortable inside the walls - instead they will continue to inhabit huts in the reed belts of Stream and River that offer easy (and safe) access to the water.

> Obviously our little friends, with their Swim 80% and oldest published connection to the Water rune in Glorantha (read it and weep, Sea-monkey) wouldn't build a large settlement at the conjunction of their main arteries of trade, travel and life (the Stream and the Creek-Stream River).

> No! That would be silly. The nexus of duck society will be a settlement in the arse-end of nowhere, with nary a sloppy bank in sight. (Retreat? Fine. But not main settlement.)

There will certainly be some canals so that the reed boats can be brought next to the storage houses for transshipping, but that's not enough comfort for most durulz. Duck Point within the walls is a place for the human transshippers, not for the durulz boaters. These come to transfer their cargo, use the magical facilities provided by Sartar, then leave for their family homes in the marshes.

> All this prejudice, and you don't even have the dignity to refer to ducks as a 'martial race'!

Why should anyone? Durulz are a marshial race.


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