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Date: Tue, 20 Mar 2012 19:26:22 -0000

> Hi there,

> What race lives at the Gates of Dawn? I know the Luatha live at the Gates of Dusk and the Altinae live in the north but I can't remember the names of the eastern or southern demigods.

The Sendereven are one of several magical human races from the extreme east. I fear there might be keets, too.

If there are human-shaped inhabitants of the Gates of Dawn, they might be lesser Parloth. I sort of doubt that the difference between the actual inhabitants of the lands at the Gates and those nearby are so extreme - in the west there are other magical races known nearby the Luatha lands, like the telepathic Deri (featuring in "Afthal the Waertagi").

The south has the Bomonoi (men of fire, mentioned in Missing Lands), possibly known as Primolti or Promalti by the Jrusteli researchers. These appear to predate the Skyfall and to be natives of the Enmal Mountains. The greatest of the Bomonoi is Balumbasta, the Pamaltelan Lodril cognate.            

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