Re: God of Lunar Feminism?

From: Phil Hibbs <snarks_at_Qnml8CdFzZR81QhW8OVCXkdPR2dL0f8FBLTW-aFHXVBxVzjhWjYonNHxk4ctncdGeIO9R>
Date: Wed, 21 Mar 2012 11:25:22 +0000

>The call for Equal Rites involves most of the male inhabitants of Peloria,
>Modern day concepts of feminism just are out of place.

I think that's right - equal rights for women are, on a historical timescale, the icing on the cake. Only when "equality" became something that was in any way achievable by ordinary people did "equality for women" become a meaningful phrase.

Of course, there's fun to be had applying modern concepts in anachronistic contexts, so this level of anthropological realism doesn't have to quash your game.


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