Re: God of Lunar Feminism?

From: David Cake <dave_at_UT6JPD67rTmLLLj4YQh7mILyVxyFnU99arsy_eHiD6tgJ0c4NqlHv9zG3aSzhPlMA0zexnb>
Date: Wed, 21 Mar 2012 21:30:29 +0800

On 21/03/2012, at 7:25 PM, Phil Hibbs wrote:

> Jorganos:

>> The call for Equal Rites involves most of the male inhabitants of Peloria,

> too.
>> Modern day concepts of feminism just are out of place.

> I think that's right - equal rights for women are, on a historical
> timescale, the icing on the cake. Only when "equality" became something
> that was in any way achievable by ordinary people did "equality for women"
> become a meaningful phrase.
	Modern day concepts of feminism are somewhat out of place, yes - but in so far as the Lunar Way has some aspects that are directly opposed to the patriarchy of Yelmic religion, I think it can be considered recognisably feminist. 
	It is, of course, very different to modern feminism in many different ways. Much more emphasis on womens mysteries, and commitment to equality comes from a mystic perspective, not an Enlightenment rational one. But I think any actively anti-patriarchal movement can be described as feminist, and the Lunar Way is often that. 


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