The Rose and Dusky Orbs

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Date: Wed, 21 Mar 2012 19:08:03 -0000

This is an odd mythlet or myth fragment that some scholars believe explains the origin of the Dara Happan game Shield Push. Most others think it is nonsense.

Dawn and Dusk did feud. At first naught but haughty looks flew back and forth but soon they switched to words and baleful glances and finally with intent of mayhem each hurled their beloved orb at the other. Being full of grace though each caught the other's orb and so avoided lasting harm. But each looked down at what they held with disgust. "What is this thing I hold? This orb displeases me. I wish I had my own to hold once more." Each glared at the other. "Return my orb to me!" Each shouted and implored but neither would risk the other ending up with both.

Dawn turned to her ten golden suitors and Dusk to her ten violet ones. "Fetch me my orb my sister has stolen". They turned to do her bidding but were called back at once. "But take care to shed no blood lest Yelm burn us with His displeasure. The suitors nodded and arming themselves with shields they went to wage bloodless war. The two lines of suitors strained and pushed at each other trying to force the other back. It was a titanic battle but eventually one of the line of suitors managed to force the other back so they could take the orb back to its rightful owner.


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