Re: The City of Wonders: an Investigation

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Date: Wed, 21 Mar 2012 22:12:57 -0000

> By way of comparison, here's what I was working out:



> These are the preliminary pencils to a fairly 'dry' duck fort. Sadly, I've coloured all the bottom bits in, so I don't have room to edit. But you could quite easily imagine some hidden egress at the base, and maybe a tunnel that went under the water-table.

> It's a slight problem with designing things as an artist - you can tend to go for cool-looking first, sensible and realistic after.

Obviously, it is an outpost in a hostile (i.e. dry) environment.

> [By the way: did you know that they sell Clearwine in Seshnela? That's right! A canny Seshnegi merchant saw the chance to export this frisky little vintage - suitably chilled and preserved by its passage through the Shadow Lands on the river journey south - and took the opportunity.

> He did wonder how to market it though. He didn't think the great and good would take to a wine made by smelly barbarians; As everybody knows the name and design on the label is more important than its quality! He was at a loss, when he spied through the Colymar mists one of those quaint little egg-shaped wereduck forts, lying along the Stream valley.

> And thus was Châteauœuf born!]

This eggshell-style appears to me like some fetal fantasy of security. (Of course, everything is below the shell of the Cosmic Egg, with the yolk passing across the shell causing the days.)

> I've been thinking on more elaborate forms of duckish architecture, too. I really do like the idea of a fairly sloppy form of the Great Mosque at Djenné, for example. I love that form. But William Church used that aesthetic for his depiction of the Dragon's Eye, sadly, so I think that's out, or will at least need a bit of work.

What about the beak as a motive (toothed, so you get crenellations)?            

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