From: varma_many_truths <ahitaylor_at_TzQIOVuRb6U-IRfADAcKfMXhX2pLwwBXl2kzSJVqU0UYozecAhRdMSqsTHSYRdCKNw>
Date: Fri, 23 Mar 2012 00:11:47 -0000

Can anyone help with the following questions? Can any race be devoured and turned into a scorpionman ? Or is it just creatures with the man rune ? Without the ritual of devouring, would offspring of a troll scorpion man be trollish or would it revert back to human-ish? If a small creature is devoured does it give rise to a small scorpionman, and vice versa ? What is the incidence of chaos features in scorpionmen ? 6 legs or 8 ?
Thanking you

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