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From: Keith <keith.nellist_at_82Kec2-JvhEouWw1bWTXV-wGmfse8Ziz1S86FYpvJ6MWVmt06UJ6np9QSIZHpb>
Date: Sat, 24 Mar 2012 22:22:33 -0000

These are just my opinions:

Not just anyone.

> Can any race be devoured and turned into a scorpionman ?

If it has a physical prescence then I think any race can. A Golden Wheel Dancer scorpion man, or a Dryad Scorpion man, or a merman-scorpion-man seem unlikely, but not impossible. How about a werewolf scorpion man?

> Or is it just creatures with the man rune ?

I think what Bagog herself desires is to take from others the man run part of them, without which her offspring devolve into unintelligent scorpions. They do not want to become more beastlike.

> Without the ritual of devouring, would offspring of a troll scorpion man be trollish or would it revert back to human-ish?

I think they "revert" to scorpion like - more chitinous, less mammalian, less intelligent.

> If a small creature is devoured does it give rise to a small scorpionman, and vice versa ?

I think so, yes. Infact, seems like an easier option to catch and hattch smaller creatures (pixies, trollkin, red elves, dark elves, ducks)than giants, luathans, hrimthur, grotarons,

I have a problem imagining how the eggs of full size creatures reborn as scorpion men appear - are they big enough to contain the full sized creature? do they expand on hatching? How big are human-scorpion man eggs anyway - big enough to have a baby sized top half or less developed? The problem with giant sized creatures is that the mother needs to devour them - not a small task for, say, a giant.

> What is the incidence of chaos features in scorpionmen ?


> 6 legs or 8 ?

I think six, plus two human/troll/centaur/duck/morocanth/ogre/aldryami/broo/minotaur/tuskrider/dwarf/merman arms, or three Grotaron arms, or two wind child arms and two wind child wings.

> Thanking you
> Andrew

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