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From: Trotsky <TTrotsky_at_CiBUH_4nLd7tUWhs0AygrQu8Cxa53AyUJ3yYkI63DGeb50ZQ1yICTopHQSUk1Kqruta>
Date: Tue, 27 Mar 2012 17:33:18 +0100

Tim wrote:
> The illustrations in the Avalon Hill "Snakepipe Hollow" that I
> happened to be looking at the other night showed 6 legs, with the
> (human) arms being Scorpion claws.
> Maybe the human Torso and Scorpion body merge "below" the first pair
> of Scorpion legs, which is why they only have 3 pairs?

Apparently so, although this being Chaos, logic may not have much to do with it. For that matter, the number may well be variable - something that's less problematic in a system that doesn't have hit locations!
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