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Date: Tue, 27 Mar 2012 22:20:21 +0200 (CEST)

De: "giannieanna" <>

Note: this is for a game set in the Imperial Age. Have the God Learners devised anything like the real world alchemical symbols?

/// Yep. It's called the thirty Core Runes, which apply to alchemy as they do to everything else. Some schools focus on alchemy to study the Universe as others focus on stargazing/astronomy, meditation or whatever.

BTW, I'm not sure about which Runes belonged the 30 GL Core Runes. Four polarities, Five Elements, Five Forms, Five Actions/Movements, Law, Magic, Mastery all belong to them : that makes 25. I wonder what the other five could be. Also, I wonder about the correlation between Stasis and Law (Acos is Lawmaker after all). And I'm pretty sure there is no GL rune for chaos.

There is probably no official list anyway, and I don't care. Perhaps even today in the Third Age nobody knows what the Thirty were. Perhaps it's part of the dreaded Secret. Perhaps this knowledge has been erased by the gift carriers long ago.

So, any personal ideas ?            

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