Re: A proper name for malkioni religious buildings

From: hcarteau_at_B5tfkqB7S8bQLcsxRB0bKAfNNf87dAmzRxU1tT1HzgAMTRMYUdU4XvaDaCdcaoJpKw2
Date: Tue, 27 Mar 2012 22:56:51 +0200 (CEST)

De: "Trotsky" <>

... do (malkioni)still have "churches", I mean buildings in which they gather to listen to the Word, read by their liturgists / clerics ?  

They've been mentioned in previous sources, and I can't see why that would have been changed.

> And if they have, how may we call them to get rid of the word "church" ? "Temple" is too pagan and I don't like "Basilica" or "Sanctuary".

Any answer to these two questions ?  

I have no official answer to the second one, and you know my unofficial one :) /// Point taken ! I knew you'd be the first to answer that one :-)) BTW, did you run games / campaigns in your malkioni lands ? What was it like ?            

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