Re: A proper name for malkioni religious buildings

From: Osentalka <Osentalka_at_Z7_9iYZyPKg_EBLMvzr4a2ywO9u0YrzTxG7Yy3-vMLeMq8cJChxUAfg8e7HiVkTfry>
Date: Tue, 27 Mar 2012 23:23:37 +0200

Yes, and the main cathedral is the PRIME MINISTER?

Not a wise choice IMHO.



  On 27 Mar 2012, at 22:02, Scott wrote:

> Not sure what replaces "church", but the most sacred space in the structure could be called the penetralia* (a term this fun should be used somewhere in Glorantha).
> * Just to be clear, this is an actual (non-smutty) word: "The innermost parts of a building, especially the sanctuary of a temple."

  In these days, I think we'd do better keeping the smut and using it to refer to the most sacred space of a Ulerian Temple...

  Maybe we could use Minster instead of Cathedral ? A more obscure word might carry less freight.   

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