Re: Scorpionmen

From: David Cake <dave_at_GG8T1wMe34p0Bc47GJIuj7F-uQEAWu_3AjhTppruDvc6uFtGN75RYU0A1JhbwoGoFGGMUFL>
Date: Sat, 31 Mar 2012 13:15:27 +0800

On 31/03/2012, at 5:39 AM, Simon Phipp wrote:

> Richard Hayes:

>> It would not be difficult to revise the hit locations, as rolls
>> between 01- 08 on the old RQ2 hit locations table (late 1970s,
>> early 1980s) all hit legs. It is just that the table says there
>> are only six, and you are twice as likely to hit a front leg as
>> any other.

> True, but for me the most compelling reason why Scorpionmen should have 6 legs is the fact that Walktapi-Scorpionmen have exactly 20 locations - now that can't be a co-incidence.         

        I always figured that walktapi-scorpionmen existed to provide a reason to own that D30 that lurks at the back of many older gamers dice bags.



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