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> Just a quick query - do we know anything about these places? I can't find them in the Dragon Pass gazeteer or in the Sartar KOH or SC books?

> /// None of them ring bells with me, but tell me more. Where'd you hear/read about these names ? In which context were they mentioned ? "Sunshine Inn" does feel like an elmali house that greets visitors, perhaps in a non-elmali clan. If it's anywhere near dragonpass.

The Sunshine Inn appears to be one of the Geo's Inn network, on the Highway from Boldhome to Jonstown (for those who can't allocate this from memory - these places are on the map of Sartar Companion p.6 (not Sun County)). Goodhaven appears to be a clan seat also on that road, on the exit of Dog-Rat Valley.

It's dangerous for me to make guesses in this region since much of my familiarity with the region comes from Ingo Tschinke's material and later fan versions, before things were canonically defined.

My guess from looking at the map would be that the Goodhaven clan was Culbrea before the Rebellion, or has "always" been Malani. However, my old cataloguing (in retrospective wrongly) associates Goodhaven with Killard Vale and the Kheldon Tribe. The earliest appearance of Goodhaven is in a map produced for Home of the Bold and since reprinted in Dragon Pass - Land of Doom p.45.            

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