Re: Goodhaven and the Sunshine Inn

From: Eric Vanel <eric.vanel_at_VAT12iDa3Y0laI1jJd4a_tMtGQ5Zb5WsUIoCbDEJnORDpTNJfIRV-QRMSLcRbXE9P>
Date: Sat, 31 Mar 2012 22:12:10 +0200

"Dragon Pass - Land of Doom" ? What is this ?

Le 31/03/2012 19:15, jorganos a écrit :
> My guess from looking at the map would be that the Goodhaven clan was
> Culbrea before the Rebellion, or has "always" been Malani. However, my
> old cataloguing (in retrospective wrongly) associates Goodhaven with
> Killard Vale and the Kheldon Tribe. The earliest appearance of
> Goodhaven is in a map produced for Home of the Bold and since
> reprinted in Dragon Pass - Land of Doom p.45.

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