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No I don't think they do want to pay taxes to the Emperor. However, the emperor has a lot of wars to pay for so may be compelled to widen the net.It''s probably worth shaking down some of the settlements and seeing if others cave... MG Will of course V! I also couldn't think why else the Lunars would send the Unrepentants to the Redlands, but am open to other ideas. I wanted the adventures to have that plucky independant homesteaders on the fronttier standing up to raiders feel. You can buy Sons of Kargzant from Leisure Games in the UK. Steve To: From: Date: Tue, 3 Apr 2012 14:24:21 +0100
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      If the Redlanders honour the Goddess but not the Emperor, are they liable to pay taxes to the Emperor anyway?


Is Sons of Kargzant still in print anywhere?  

Richard Hayes

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I'm currently writing some linked HQ adventures set amongst the Lunar farmers of the Redlands. I wanted some background on horse nomads and bought a copy of Sons of Kargzant.

I'm sure a lot of you have read this, but I thought it was absolutely brilliant, full of background flavour and ideas (I'm not linked to the authors). They reminded me of the Scythians.

The best bit was towards the end, which detailed a penal unit of the 'really bad' Char-Un, called the Unrepentant. These were sent to the Redlands and were hated by the native Pentans. Half my campaign just wrote itself! :o)

I figured they might be used as guards for Lunar tax inspectors. The independant Redlands farmers honour the Goddess but not the emperor, so any tax inspector is gong to have a VERY difficult time.

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