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Volume 2, Number 2, March 2012

Welcome to the March newsletter for THE KRAKEN!

That's right! So let THE KRAKEN grab you, and enjoy an ALL-INCLUSIVE 
event: Free food, free drinks, free gaming! Another week of fantastic 
fun, all creature comforts and sunshine awaits you at Schloss Neuhausen.??

A Gaming Vacation

?August 29 -- September 3, 2012
?Schloss Neuhausen, Germany
Book here:

Hired for their brawn, wits, talents and humor. SANDY PETERSEN Sandy is firmly bound to join us again at THE KRAKEN even at private expense - elder oaths and ancient spells permitting. The designer of the 'Call of Cthulhu' RPG, designer of numerous famous and infamous computer games (Doom, Age of Empires), movie buff, board game geek and walking & talking encyclopedia can safely be labeled as one of 'The Great Old Ones' of the gaming hobby. We look forward to his fun games, bad and/or horrific movies of his choice, enlightenment by his arcane knowledge and an all-around good time with Uncle Sandy. CHARLIE KRANK? Mr. Krank, president of Chaosium, Inc., could no longer resist the lure of THE KRAKEN. Fresh from GenCon he will join us for our feast of games and BBQ. Rest assured we will place the meat roasting and burger flippin' in his capable hands. Of course he will also run a handful of choice games, present and sell the latest Chaosium produce and in his traditional and most noble role as 'Chaosium Convention Fun Powerhouse', provide other joyful convention activities. Be surprised. Oh, and it's time for another 'Cthulhu for President' rally once again. Why settle for the lesser evil? GRÉGORY PRIVAT
?We are happy to be able to welcome Monsieur Privat back to THE KRAKEN.
His call to serve on a deserted island among the Spawn of the Deep Ones has been rescheduled - much to our relief. He will apply his multitude of creative skills to produce another game on the spot, with the able help of our attendees. Apart from presenting and play-testing his awesome latest game creations with you, he will host the collective masterwork miniature game 'Shoggoths Unite!' from the last KRAKEN.?? More guests to be announced soon...
THE KRAKEN 2010 in pictures and guestbook poetry. If you want to remind yourself what's in store at THE KRAKEN, indulge in memories, test your sanity or find out what the Fuzz is all about, visit our Facebook page for pictures (don't forget you can officially 'Like' us while there) and browse through our guestbook on the website.?? THE KRAKEN on Facebook:? THE KRAKEN Guestbook:?
For all of you who hate to wait for newsletters. If you want to be informed instantly about breaking news, emerging events and guest updates just follow us on Facebook, Twitter or via the RSS Feed on our website. Consult our website for details: WHAT IS THE KRAKEN? About a new species of gaming event. THE KRAKEN is a gaming vacation run by the team of the Tentacles Convention and is hosted by the RuneQuest Gesellschaft e.V. It honors the tradition of supporting the classic games of Chaosium, Inc., Issaries, Inc. and their offspring by Moon Design, The Design Mechanism, Pegasus Spiele and Éditions Sans Détour but is open to all kinds of quality games and gamers. THE KRAKEN is also the heir to the crazy, fun and innovative spirit of Tentacles and hosts many of its attendees and guests. THE KRAKEN is a non-profit event. -- IN THE WAKE OF THE KRAKEN will resurface in April with more information about guests, games and events. -- THE KRAKEN A Gaming Vacation August 29 - September 3, 2012! Schloss Neuhausen, Germany // [Non-text portions of this message have been removed]

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