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From: steveparryharries <>
> No I don't think they do want to pay taxes to the Emperor. However, the emperor has a lot
> of wars to pay for so may be compelled to widen the net.It''s probably worth shaking down
> some of the settlements and seeing if others cave... MG Will of course V! I also couldn't
> think why else the Lunars would send the Unrepentants to the Redlands, but am open to
> other ideas. I wanted the adventures to have that plucky independant homesteaders on
> the fronttier standing up to raiders feel.

My general rule regarding the Lunar Empire is that for any decision there are at least three factions who have an interest in it. One who supports it, one who opposes it and one who is happy as long as they get something out of it. So in this case we have some offiical who wants the Unrepentants elsewhere and the Redlands are far enough away. Another who has enough problems in the Redlands without them. And a third who thinks there's money to be made by using them to collect taxes which may or may not be due. The Emperor will probably neither know nor care about the issue. You needn't decide who these people are until the PCs start investigating to see who has landed them in this mess although you've probably got some ideas.

Donald Oddy


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