Re: How Orlanth helped Chalana Arroy to fight Malia

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Date: Sat, 07 Apr 2012 12:27:27 +0100

> In my campaign I want to send the PCs on HQ to support the Healer's fight agains
> Malia in an infested area. The broo are killed, but the land still needs decontamination.
> Is there a myth/quest in which Orlanth or Odayla helped Chalana Arroy in her "fight"
> against Malia? I know there is an Orlanth/CA HQ in the KoDP computer game, but I
> do not know any details. Ideas?

Well it's Belveren (Chaos Cleanser subcult of Ernalda the Healer) rather than Chalana Arroy but she has a ritual to purge chaos as well as various spells to fight chaos. I'd expect Chalana Arroy to have something similar. The brief description in Thunder Rebels just says "The ritual is long and dangerous, and involves subjecting the target to all five elements to purify it,"

Donald Oddy


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