How Humakt helps Chalana Arroy and kills Malia

From: hcarteau_at_IauwOX5iE8T7jkCXh-Rk6rfoqcA8QnWgI5WeI1tMRLKHZuN0rI-ZGEfloY03hfZlFbQ
Date: Sat, 7 Apr 2012 20:55:48 +0200 (CEST)

Here's another one, a little more hardcore : "Humakt kills mallia". In this Myth, Humakt kills all infected beings in one sweep of the Sword. Men, animals, plants, they all die at once, of a clean, fast death. Deprived of its substenance, mallia itself withers and dies.

The trouble is the humakti who tries this faces all diseases he wants to clean at once. If he wants to kill all disease in a town, he'll have to face all demons of diseases at the same time. If he fails, he litterally rots away in a few hours, eaten alive by Malia, and his howling ghost stays on the spot.

Also, this ritual is indiscriminate. It might catch along people in the area who are only slightly sick (a cold maybe), or others who are on the way to recovery. It's not something you use lightly.


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