I dream of Glorantha

From: Sebastian <aelarsen_at_RgQSkeq71rHw7KGZGvS3XYk3zPKeHQ-qUqomilKEWoMTgzL9CXq1RAw_Pff4Wu8WNjt>
Date: Tue, 10 Apr 2012 19:10:58 -0000

I had a fairly common anxiety dream last night. I had a role in a play and hadn't read the script, and was supposed to go on in 10 minutes. The really amusing part about the dream is that the play was about the Lunar conquest of Sartar. Even more oddly, I was supposed to be playing the part of Sitzmag Redmoon. I woke up and thought, "Maybe I'm spending too much time playing Runequest."            

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