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She lasted seven sessions, creating all manner of interesting trouble for the other player characters, buts she was ultimately a sociopath, and utterly deadly to have around. Erenessa was moved by compassion to try and rehabilitate her, but it was always doomed to failure. When a trial where Prince Termertain was trying Desduvar (Tom's character) for making advances on Estal Donge occurred, Erenessa used her heirloom the Copper Bar of Truth to try and show Desduvar's innocence, and Jaraneesa somehow used disorder to destroy it, breaking the heirloom which exploded scarring Desduvar and leaving Temertain convinced of his guilt. Erenessa at that moment lost it, and would have slain the Trickster had she not escaped immediately. Rob and Phil wroite their characters out of the story as they both left, one to bring misery and confusion to all as is the Eurmali way, the other to kill her childhood friend, regardless of who she had to ally with to get her revenge.

If you ever meet Jaraneesa, she will tell you the story of how she once swallowed an ogre on the road near Swan, while pretending to be an alynx. Don't believe her; all Eurmali are liars. It actually happened near Runegate.

And apologies for posting this to the wrong list -- I intended to post it to the Heroquest list :( Sorry to inadvertently spam. cj x

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