Re: How Orlanth helped Chalana Arroy to fight Malia

From: hcarteau_at_T65RY-n1N-QhtQuIQf7-ypyQS0fdVe6KWmllessQ1r7EyAi-jSXMmLm7MfGEeEV8TuT
Date: Fri, 13 Apr 2012 12:02:33 +0200 (CEST)

> Humakt with Nukes ? Hm... Having the Humakt nuclear option on the table (with a lot of potential collateral damage) is a great way to motivate your players to come up with a different solution.
/// You are a trusting soul ; I wouldn't bet on that. If I'm the humakti, I'll try it because I'm fascinated with Death. Or I'll try to try it, and keep the other PCs extremely nervous (they are in the collateral damage zone, perhaps one has a cold too - bwah ah ah). Some of the gentlemen I play with (you'll know who you are) would also very much want to try the Nuke Sword option, if only to see what happens. So no, it's not a great way to stimulate "normal" rolists to Find Another Way, especially those who picked the Death Rune as part of their soul...            

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