HeroQuest 2 Playtest review from me

From: chris jensen romer <chrisjensenromer_at_ChqRiA2ffq_Cd-0_9FSOKmtP2NtgJZPFp0RCPBu8eQXIHT3FK9m1Vp3jL8r>
Date: Sat, 14 Apr 2012 21:06:53 +0000

OK, this is rather tangential to the list, but I have finally put my full playtest review of HQ2 up on blog. I welcome feedback (on the blog please not here, or by direct email to chrisjensenromer_at_r9NoekRmyne_lC9T7SpPiQCSsWk-gLFSSpcyhzAF6Jhz97rYyC_OJb8cj6Z2Md91NFbyqqaeQOHHOhPevKjtceTf3CnUwQ.yahoo.invalid) so I can improve it before I submit it to rpg.net reviews section. It's a fairly short review, over a year after my initial impressions were posted in a capsule review on the same blog. I also recently reviewed S:KoH on there. Anyway sorry to spam the list (again!) but I felt may be of interest to many here.  http://jerome23.wordpress.com/2012/04/14/playtest-review-heroquest-2-rpg/ I will shut up now, at least until I finish my Sartar Companion review. Pavis might take a while, owing to my impecunious state! ;)

cj x

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