Odd breeding questions!

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I think these are too disturbing for the new forum but after they were mentioned in tonights game I thought I'd ask. firstly could the offspring of a minotaur from Beast Valley and a human appear, well human? Can they breed without very special magic? Secondly if someone shapechanged by a magic feat in to the form of a bull breeds with normal cows are the calves normal? Thirdly do Uroxi have any particular affinity with real bulls? Finally are bulls storm not earth? Odd questions I know but we are working on a Uroxi characters background and bizarre things come up.

cj x

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      >The beavers were simply sentient animals in Storm Realm - a bit

>comicalised by me, but no worse than ducks are even without comicalisation

Talking animals are all over the place in the Hero Realm. In my imagination

they are like the Narnia folk - slightly comical but not Looney Tunes.



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