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Date: Mon, 16 Apr 2012 17:17:53 +0200 (CEST)

Jeff makes an interesting point here : he sees Urox more as a berserking anti-chaos cult than a Bull cult. The anti-chaos warrior core is so strong it drowns out the Bull in its warriors.

There are many Bull Cults in Glorantha, for instance in Carmania, where Bull is worshipped as a mighty male animal God, and its worshippers use Bull Magics (Bull's Hides, Bull's Hooves, etc.) Some hsunchen are of course Bull themselves : Bull elks, Bull deers, whatever.

To me, a Bull worshipper, even an uroxi, has the Bull in him. Some are more Bull than Chaos Warriors (they still fight chaos, of course). If he shapechanges to a full Bull, he can breed with Cows indeed. Who knows what the result will be : magical bull, minotaur, special human (such as Ranalf Cow-Born, raised by an Uralda Priestess of Runegate) ?


> I think these are too disturbing for the new forum but after they were mentioned in tonights game I thought I'd ask. firstly
> could the offspring of a minotaur from Beast Valley and a human appear, well human? Can they breed without very special magic? Secondly if someone shapechanged by a magic feat in to the form of a bull breeds with normal cows are the calves normal? Thirdly do Uroxi have any particular affinity with real bulls? Finally are bulls storm not earth?

Hardly too disturbing.

1. Sure. It is not normal, but happens from time to time. 
2. The frenzied fertility festivals of Beast Valley supplies its own very special magic. 
3. Not fixed rules for that. 
4. Some Uroxi cults have particular affinity with real bulls (especially in northwest Peloria and Fronela), so much so that the bull worship is more important for the cult than the chaos-fighting. But that's rare in Dragon Pass and Prax. 
5. Bulls are Air, cows are Earth. 


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