Re: Advice for an eccentric group of PCs

From: Jeff <richaje_at_pCHWrUtViRQep2HnFYbQZQiGf_XxFQ6Yekb8pc3CDDn_UmdpWRsViG0xd35DJUF8pKv3>
Date: Tue, 17 Apr 2012 08:10:02 -0000

> I was wondering if anyone might have any advice for me regarding my group of Orlanthi PCs.. I have a female Issarite, healer, and huntress—her character sheet doesn't specify which god she worships. My single male PC is an Orlanth initiate weaponthane.

Sounds very typical for player characters!

> Their are a number of potential hooks I could hang adventures on, ranging from the clan's current lack of a chief—seduced into adultery by the plant folk, to the strange jewel in the shape of a dragon's eye which the Blue Spruce clan was very eager to offer our trader recently. I'm jus wondering how people deal with gradually acquainting players with the epic potential in the setting, and how I might handle the odd situation of only having one Orlanth worshipper who also happens to be our most combat-capable sort.

Start small and let it grow. Given your party you might try to alternate between likely violent obstacles and obstacles that are best resolved through peaceful interaction. Cattle go missing - is it the hated Blue Spruce clan or maybe it is a hungry monster that is attacking the Blue Spruce clan as well? If the latter, maybe the players can turn enemies into allies and lead both clans against the monster? Then in the future, both clans look to the players to help resolve regional threats, bringing them into tribal affairs and getting them the attention of the Lunars.

That sort of thing.


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