Rubble Runners at Gamemaster's Fair

From: Kevin McDonald <kpmcdona_at_gwx1hBWjT-vOXXRFfNV9l5--pU6KqqtifKtDybgjdmO-UFPEpUjHSt0hSHafikwcnTc>
Date: Tue, 17 Apr 2012 20:40:12 -0400

Hey Folks,

Short notice, I know, but I am going to run a HQ2 game set in Pavis this weekend at Raleigh Tabletop RPGS' Gamemaster's Fair.

If you happen to be within easy driving distance of Raleigh, NC, USA then you are welcome to attend. There are plenty of seats left (ha!) but if you plan to attend and are travelling any serious distance you should probably RSVP either to me or to Raleigh Tabletop RPGS.


-Kevin McD

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