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Date: Wed, 18 Apr 2012 15:52:26 +0100 (BST)

Is that because many Sylilans stick to a pre-Lunar Star Bear cult, or is it because Sylilan religion isn't as bear-orientated as previously suggested?

FWIW I didn't think the Bear cults were ever that big in Aggar, though I can't remember what Aggar did by way of religion instead. It is 'barbarian belt', but too Lunarised to be properly Orlanthi. Equally it is sufficiently weakly Lunarised that maybe no more than 10% of the Aggari would be seriously committed to a Lunar religion rather than a local one.

Richard Hayes


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Subject: Re: Your opinion about an animist detail

FWIW, I'm strongly doubt a Lunar Moon Bear cult is anywhere near as prevalent in Sylila (let alone Aggar) as Mark suggests. But a LOT of work has been done on Sylila in recent years, of which the first glimpse will be in the Guide to Glorantha (which will have more information on the Lunar Empire as a place than in all previous publications combined).


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