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Date: Wed, 18 Apr 2012 17:08:44 +0100

> > So, should we assume that all characters that are not sages and have not explicitly
> > claimed otherwise to be literate, are totally illiterate?
> In Dragon Pass? Yes, that is a safe assumption, with a few exceptions here and there
> (frex, members of the House of Sartar were literate, Fazzur Wide-Read is literate, but
> that's obvious with his name, and so on). If an Orlanthi is not a sage but is literate,
> that's notable enough that it should be part of the character description.

Fazzur is also a Lunar Army Officer for which I suggest literacy is a qualification. Low ranking officers may be barely literate - able to read the names on the payroll list and sign their name - but that will reduce their promotion prospects.

The Seven Mothers cult actively promotes literacy and Irripi Ontor is happy to teach anyone willing to pay. Which is potentially very subversive among the Orlanthi.

Donald Oddy


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