Re: the bare necessities of Sylilan religion (was: Your opinion about an animist detail)

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Is that because the Sylilans have always worshipped Odayla directly rather than Orlanth, or is that because Odayla is a tolerable substitute and a way to be "Orlanthi without Orlanth" (a bit like how Barntar is worshipped in Tarsh where direct Orlanth worship is frowned upon or outlawed or banished to the wilds)  
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Subject: Re: the bare necessities of Sylilan religion (was: Your opinion about an animist detail)

> Is that because many Sylilans stick to a pre-Lunar Star Bear cult, or is it because Sylilan religion isn't as bear-orientated as previously suggested?

A large minority of Sylilans are Orlanthi who worship Odayla, the son of Orlanth the Sky Bear (they have their own name for him, but that's who the god is). They continue worshiping Odayla.

> FWIW I didn't think the Bear cults were ever that big in Aggar, though I can't remember what Aggar did by way of religion instead. It is 'barbarian belt', but too Lunarised to be properly Orlanthi. Equally it is sufficiently weakly Lunarised that maybe no more than 10% of the Aggari would be seriously committed to a Lunar religion

Lowland Aggar is Lunarized to the extent that the rest of Saird is. Highland Aggar is Orlanthi like Talastar. Aggar is often in a state of civil unrest and has been in a civil war for the last few years, which King Rascius insists he can handle without outside interference (not that the Provincial Government has surprlus troops that they could send to Aggar - everything, and I mean everything, is in Dragon Pass and the Holy Country).


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