Re: Forums are now up at the Moon Design home page

From: Tim <tim_at_Z0qtZfVidChnymdwm84RbqHQhE8f05U9wWfqbGISQk5n6BMOyFFGJTkdPQXJKBQ-E8i5Emc2>
Date: Thu, 19 Apr 2012 09:25:16 -0000

Somewhat Ironic, given the reasons that the mailing lists were moved to Yahoo in the first place...

> In a larger sense we are also trying to consolidate information.
> The Moon Design website will continue to expand its archives of
> background information.

Does this mean you woll be hosting the threaded Glorantha Archives? (  

> No forum has a perfect range of features that fit everyone's tastes
> and preferences. If nothing else, we just feel we can do better
> than yahoo groups.

By failing to provide an E-mail option, you are already failing...

> We will certainly strive to improve and enhance the discussion >features we offer, based largely on your feedback.

An e-mail/forum gateway allowing people to read and post the messages in either method, and with e-mails being available individually or as a Digest would seem to be an immediate requirement (indeed should have been present before the launch to enable people to smoothly switch from one to the other).            

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