Glorantha Participation Skirmish Wargame - Salute 2012 ExCel Centre London

From: varma_many_truths <ahitaylor_at_skrBaRIF3I54LFpMlK2zkH4SQReaEYvZljtOOJIJ_eb3l5bzcho0jhv4yTZED_26RU>
Date: Fri, 20 Apr 2012 08:44:12 -0000

Just to let you know Gregory Privat will be running " Rumble in the Rubble" at Salute 2012 at the ExCEl centre, Docklands, this Saturday 21st April. It a skirmish wargame with Lunars, Trolls and Broo all "mixin it", in a scenario devised by Greg Stafford. Featuring the Mad Knight Gloranthan miniatures. All welcome            

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