Re: Forums are now up at the Moon Design home page

From: Stewart <stu_stansfield_at_QggynbLRSqe71mr6rcszsfkDwrzbMlSLC2J9ndIBbPcFYaY3yAmjbjsyQpEt3>
Date: Sat, 21 Apr 2012 09:40:43 -0000

As much as we like to present ourselves as hardy souls Whose Glorantha Happily Varies, I'm dubious. I sense many of us seek some level of engagement, discussion and approbation with/from those writing, illustrating and defining Glorantha at the present. Especially with/from Greg.

Those contributing to Glorantha aren't slouches. They tend to do so because they have good ideas, and can express them in an evocative way. They number among their friends those who, if they no longer contribute as they did, act in a similar manner.

And thus the impetus grows. More go to a new venue, whether it's on account of official engagement or simply because it's where they feel the most interesting discussions will be.

This is precisely what happened with the Glorantha List/Digest.

Disaffection and pride may keep a mailing list going strong for a while, but what will happen when that wanes? A small proportion of this group actively post; and even smaller number start threads themselves. Many of them will head over to the new forums.

What will be left? I'm seeing people triumph a method of communication; but what of the Gloranthan discussions behind it? These--more than any issue of delivery and format--are going to decide what happens to a separate list -- whether it succeeds or fails.

In the past, Gloranthaphiles have thrived in unofficial, mutual creativity and inquiry. It's what made the GL/D what it was. I'm not convinced that exists anymore. I'm not convinced a list can work without that official engagement to stimulate it. Please prove me wrong.


Rick and Jeff have both made some interesting comments, i.e. "you can do what you want." I may have read them out of context.

But if Rick and Jeff at Moon Design, licensees to HeroQuest and Glorantha, and Greg, the IP licensor, are happy for a list to exist and be moderated outside of their immediate control (albeit acting under license and subject to the FPP), this opens up some interesting opportunities.

My suggestion would be to follow the example of Moon Design. Rather than looking at this as a fragmentary episode, I would look at ways to consolidate with other areas of Gloranthan fandom. If there is to be a Gloranthan list separate to the forums, I would use it to draw traffic and activity to the two current fanzine publishers: Newt's Hearts in Glorantha and Rory's Rule One.

I would encourage people to speak to Newt and Rory, to see if they are interested in this, and if a way can be found where this aspect of Glorantha can be made stronger and more popular.            

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